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Through the interest of Clyde C. Deale of Chamblee, a meeting was held on January 13, 1979 in Doraville to organize the trappers of Georgia. Under the guidance of the National Trappers Association president, Don Hoyt, the Georgia Trappers Association was organized. With approximately 35 people attending, most joining to become the first members, thus, the beginning of the Georgia Trappers Association.

The following officers were elected: President......................Clyde C. Deale of Chamblee Vice President..............Eddie Palmer of Hiawassee Secretary/Treasurer......Tom McCloskey of Atlanta NTA Director...............Clyde C. Deale of Chamblee

With the objective simply being to preserve out right to trap, this slogan was adopted - "United we stand, Divided we fall".

It was decided to become an affiliate of the Georgia Wildlife Federation, as well as the National Trappers Association, thus making a small organization more powerful.

Our membership has fluctuated over the years with the rise and fall of the fur market. We grew from 143 members in 1979 to over 550 members in 1980. Since the fall of prices in the mid 1980's our membership has maintained an average of between 200 and 250 members. It was under the leadership and foresight of the officers and directors during the early years that the association adopted the following goal, trapping code of ethics and constitution and objectives. Under the leadership and dedication of our current officers and directors we have been able to remain focused on our ultimate goal, continue to maintain our main objectives and live and trap by our strong code of ethics. With so many anti organizations working against us we must all work together to keep hunting, fishing and trapping strong and growing. Your support and your efforts are needed to ensure that "WORKING TOGETHER IS THE KEY TO OUR FUTURE AS TRAPPERS!"

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Georgia Trappers Association Goal

"Protect the rights of individuals and conserve and protect the natural resources of Georgia."

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  1. To plan and have an annual meeting in the spring and a convention in the fall to create a closer fellowship.
  2. To coordinate a trappers' education program with the Department of Natural Resources, Game and Fish Division, and the University of Georgia Extension Services and to publish a trappers' education booklet.
  3. To have a GTA fair booth in local and district fairs to make the public aware as to the purpose and need for trapping predators.
  4. To keep abreast of all legislative action pertaining to our goal and to keep our members aware of situations concerning them.

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Code for Responsible Trapping:

  • Obtain the landowner's permission in writing before trapping on his land.
  • Carefully release unwanted animals.
  • Check traps daily, preferably early each morning.
  • Identify traps and record set location carefully and accurately.
  • Dispose of animal carcasses properly so as not to offend others.
  • Make an effort to concentrate trapping in areas where animals are overabundant for the supporting habitat.
  • Promptly report the presence of diseased animals to wildlife authorities.
  • Assist farmers and other landowners who are having problems with predators.
  • Support and help train new trappers.
  • Support strict enforcement of regulations including the reporting of all takes to Georgia Department of Natural Resources.
  • Support and participate in local, state, and national trapping associations.

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Constitution and By-Laws For the Georgia Trappers Association

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We, Believing that the natural resources of Georgia are important assets, economically, recreationally, and esthetically, which should be restored, wisely used, and perpetuated, and realizing that this can be achieved only through interested and enlightened citizens of this state, dedicate this association to these ideals.

Article I. Name.
Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Georgia Trappers Association, Inc.
Section 2. The Georgia Trappers Association shall/may be affiliated with the Georgia Wildlife Federation and the National Trappers Association.

Article II. Composition.

Section 1. This association shall consist of individuals including but not limited to, sportsmen, conservationists, landowners and others who recognize basic individual responsibility in the wise use of our natural resources.

Article III. Objectives.

Section 1. Objectives of the association shall be:

  1. to promote the highest standards of sportsmanship.
  2. to strengthen the understanding and cooperation between the land owners, trappers and other sportsmen, conservationists and the public in general.
  3. to encourage protection, restoration and management of water, wildlife, forest and fields.
  4. to seek more public conservation and education of youth and adults as to the essentials of trapping and to its use as a necessary wildlife management tool.
  5. to educate and train the young and inexperienced trappers in the harvesting and management of our natural and renewable resources, and to give them our support.
  6. to cooperate with county, state, federal and private agencies having the responsibilities for wildlife and land management.
  7. to promote organizations of local, district, state and national interest having similar aims, giving them aid, counsel and support in resolving problems of local, state or national origin.

Article IV. Membership
Section 1. Any person shall be eligible to become a member, unless his acceptance is challenged for a good reason by a member in good standing.
Section 2. In such case, the complaining member shall present his case to the Board of Directors. If the Board declines to accept the applicant by a simple majority vote, the Secretary/Treasurer shall return his application and dues by registered mail along with a letter of explanation.
Section 3. Dues of this organization shall be as follows:

Annual Membership with The Trapper and Predator
Caller Magazine (Family Members included).....$20.00
Annual Membership - No subscription..............$10.00
Lifetime Membership........................................$300.00

Section 4. A member shall be reinstated when he has paid the current dues.
Section 5. A member shall be a "member in good standing" for at least six months to be eligible to vote on the officers and directors.

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Article V. Powers
Section 1. Powers of the association shall be to:

  1. Direct, manage, supervise and control all business, property and funds of the association.
  2. to make surveys and conduct research and experiments bearing upon wildlife and other material relating to its work.
  3. prepare and issue publications and other material relating to its work.

Article VI. Meetings.
Section 1. All membership meetings shall be called by the President or Board of Directors.
Section 2. Members shall be notified by mail postmarked at least thirty (30) days before a meeting date.
Section 3. A quorum of at least ten (10) percent of the members must be present at any membership meeting in order to conduct business.

Article VII.

Section 1. Robert's Rule of Order shall govern conduct of all meetings.

Article VIII. Officers

Section 1. The officers of this organization shall consist of a President, Vice President, Executive Director, Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary/Treasurer, NTA Director, Legislative/Congressional Director and a Youth Director. The officers shall be elected annually at the convention and must be a member of the association in good standing.

  1. The President shall have general direction of the administrative work of the association; shall be a member ex officio of all committees other than the nominating committee; shall perform such other duties as provided or as are assigned by the Board of Directors.
  2. The Vice President shall assume the duties to the President during the President's absence or inability to serve, and upon the death, resignation or removal of the President shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.
  3. The Executive Director shall have the general direction and supervision of the activities of the Directors of the association.
  4. The Recording Secretary shall keep accurate records of the proceedings of all meetings of the association; shall cause written notices to be sent out of all meetings; shall attend to all correspondence for the association; and shall be responsible for reporting each month to the Trapper and Predator Caller magazine.
  5. The Membership Secretary/Treasurer shall receive all membership applications, issue membership certificates to all members; maintain an accurate roll of all association members showing the current mailing address and expiration date of each; shall provide Directors with a list of current members in their district on a quarterly basis; and shall be responsible for the recording and deposit of all receipts of the association. At each meeting the Treasurer shall present a complete and detailed statement of all income and expenses. All funds shall be deposited in such depositories as approved by the Board of Directors. The Membership Secretary shall assist the Recording Secretary with the correspondence for the association.
  6. The National Trappers Association Director shall be a member of the NTA in good standing; shall represent the association at the National Trappers annual convention and keep the membership informed about the activities of the NTA.
  7. The Legislative/Congressional Director shall be responsible for keeping the membership informed about laws and regulations concerning trapping on the state and national level. When necessary, this Director shall inform the association as to when it would be necessary to contact the appropriate senators and representatives on a state or national level.
  8. The Youth Director shall be responsible for directing activities of the youth membership in trapping activities at the annual convention as well as other activities for our youth.

Section 2. Every effort will be made to have at least two (2) directors from each congressional district. The directors will be appointed by the President and confirmed by a 2/3 majority of the members of the association in good standing. The directors and their activities in the name of Georgia Trappers Association, Inc. will be under the direction of the Executive Director.

Article IX. General.

Section 1. Any member shall be automatically dropped from the rolls of this organization if found to be a habitual violator of Game and Fish Laws.
Section 2. Any amendment or addition to the Constitution and By-Laws of this organization must first be referred to the Board of Directors for study. It must be brought to the vote of the membership at a regular meeting.
Section 3. When properly approved by the membership, any member may request and receive a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws.

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