Thaba Mahaka Safaris

Georgia Trappers Association Donation Hunt
It is with great pleasure that we at Thaba Mahaka Safaris donate a hunt to the GTA.
The donation consists of the daily rates for 2 rifle hunters for 7 hunting days. It also
includes a Warthog and Impala per hunter. The total value of the donation hunt isUS$7800-00

This is 100% donation, meaning that all monies generated from the raffle/auction on this hunt goes to the association. 

*Warthog and Impala per hunter. (Additional animals at standard list price)
*All board and drink (local brands in moderation)
*Services of a Licensed PH for the 2 hunters. Extra hunters will require another guide which will be at clients cost. Contact Leon Small for details.
*Field preparation of trophies
*Delivery of trophies to recommended taxidermist in South Africa
*Laundry services
*Camp staff
*Pick up and drop of at airport for 2 hunters. More hunter/observers alternative travelling arrangements will be made and to be at clients cost.

*Gratuities to PH and camp staff
*Personal toiletries and medication
*Medical insurance
*Extra animals
*Taxidermy work
*Shipping costs
*Extra PH
*Alternative transport arrangements
*Extra sightseeing activities
*Accommodations prior and after the contracted safari dates

Terms and Conditions
*Thaba Mahaka Safaris reserves the right to cancel the hunt on merits of T&Cs.
*This donation hunt cannot be combined with another safari in the same country, at the same dates.
*The hunt is for 2 rifle hunters. Observers welcome at $200 per person per day.
*Indemnity will be read, understood and signed by each person in the hunting party, hunter or observer. Children are to understand the indemnity form, and parents are considered care takers of the children and must sign on their behalf.
*Deposit is required per person to secure booking and dates of the hunt. The deposit will be deducted from the total of the hunt to each person, accordingly.
*All prices quoted in US$.
* Payments made in Cash or EFT. No other forms of payments are accepted.
*Hunts may be extended at standard price list.
*Species on packages may not be exchanged for other species, and no reimbursement for unshot / left over animals unless no shooting opportunity is presented which will be a partial refund, at Thaba Mahaka Safaris’ discretion.
*Any animal wounded and not found will be considered taken, and full price applies.
*Packages are not to be shared between hunters.
*South African law states that 1 Ph can legally hunt with 2 rifle hunters at the same time. If more hunters in the hunting party, extra guide/s will be hired at the clients account. $100 (to be shared between 2 hunters per day) is the going rate.