GTA 24 annual state competition

Winners of this year competition

Winners of this year competition

What a fantastic weekend of trapping and fellowship.

we held our 24th annual state competition our numbers where down a bit due to adding a extra day but the extra day really paid off!!

We had rain on Friday and Sunday morning ( pretty typical for this time of year) but we prevailed.

1st day check only had 17 animals caught.

2nd day was a bit better with 20 caught

3 day 22 animals caught for a total of 59 animals.

tally of animals

coyote 6

otter 1

gray fox 9

red fox 1

bobcat 11

coon 20

opposum 5

beaver 6

The fellowship with Trappers is always entertaining to say the least, We are blessed to have Thomas farms to host this event Would like to thank All the folks that cooked for us all weekend as always fantastic food!!

here are the results for this year

1st place Josh Hall

2nd place Davis Coss

3rd Randy Zerwig

Lots of fun had by all!!

make plans to attend the 25th annual trapping competition next year!!

tight chains to all

Dan Eaton


Georgia Trappers Association



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